Vi skulle nog ha hamnat här ändå

Top to bottom: the sea and Louisiana, Micke and Toby and me and Roosa's place on Ingerslevsgade, Louisiana and tiny Roosa, new shoes from naked, drinks bartended by me in Vesterbro, making a white russian with Carl, Kastellet

I'd love to write it all down but det er ikke let. What I can say is that I haven't felt this free and beautiful and charming and loveable in a long time. When you feel free the words don't come easy. Genuine happiness isn't supposed to be written down.

French kissing in Copenhagen turned into hanging out at the bar after hours and talking about music in the only bar that was open in Nørrebro. Talking about music in Nørrebro quickly became drinking white wine on Nørrebrogade. The moment I wished the minutes would slow down was the moment I knew I had momentarily fallen in love with it all.

Vesterbro, Nørrebro, Christianshavn, Kastellet, Nordhavn.

The wind of change blew hard but soft in København.

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  1. Hey, Mathilde! Qu'est-ce dans le monde, avez-vous trouvé un nouvel amour de votre vie? Sans me le dire? Quand j'ai lu cet écrit, mon coeur fait mal, il transpercé par une flèche. Où puis-perdu la commune hetkemme Paris dans la nuit? Où un avenir commun, et 13 enfants? Tout cela est uniquement dû à une danskemaanin stupide. Vous lunttu!