"Dynamic employee for the Summer" "Freelancer" "Hej! I am a 20-year-old girl from Helsinki" and other things from my sent e-mails folder

London ages ago

Everything's going fast, fast, fast but so painfully slow - job applications, job rejections, rental applications, unanswered e-mails, the last day of day job tomorrow, new job applications flying around, cold cover letters, freelance work, temporary work, a month, a month and a half, obscure time patterns.

Copenhagen is constantly interrupting my thoughts. I have weird dreams at night and keep seeing catalogue models who look like someone who I wish I won't run into in Osterbro.

I want to send a message to Copenhagen that I'm coming soon; sing it like that swedish Veronica, jag kommer and such but my voice wasn't meant to be recorded and I don't know if I want anyone to wait for me or not.

I keep having second thoughts about everything; about quitting my job and about having these napoleon complex-like wishes, but then again, it's so useless to worry about how life goes. If you do good, it will come back to you. I'm beginning to sound like a self-help book - alarming.

And whenever I've been feeling let down and apathetic lately, I've resorted to this song. I wish some of its quiet power and beauty and rawness will transfer through my headphones.


  1. Hey, what kind of punk music you prefer?

    1. hey, mostly 70's british punk that i loved when i was a teenager: the clash, the buzzcocks, the jam (although i don't know if i'd count it as proper punk), the damned and stuff like that. also, finnish punk from the 70's like ratsia, it's so raw and innocent.

  2. haha, it's funny when you say "when i was a teenager"... You just turn into 20-years-old, isn't so?
    Anyway, damn I love buzzcocks! And it's quite odd 'n shame I find The Clash a little booring, dunno why, just don't get it..

    1. haha, yep, you're right! i somehow always see my so-called teenage years as being the ones from age 13 to 17, i guess i have a weird outlook on age things...

      i love love the clash (and the buzzcocks as well) but i think it's probably a love or hate thing for people. for me, the thing i've never really gotten is american punk, except for the pre-punk things like NY dolls or the ramones. i feel like it lacks the energy and feeling of british punk.