This life I'm living cannot possibly be mine

London, 2010

I woke up to a text message from Copenhagen that said that I'm missed and ended with kisses. I have yet to reply, but I'm feeling happy from head to toe.

I'm moving to Copenhagen in May.

And I'm moving to London in September, to stay there for at least three years.

This is insane. This can't be happening. This doesn't feel like my own life.


  1. hey, why are u moving to London? I find you very charming.

    What kind of music you love?

    1. hey and thanks, starting uni there in september, that's why i'm moving!

      i love 70's punk, 80's one-hit wonders, singer-songwriter stuff, a bit of this and that (indie, a bit of electro and the sort of typical things). also, cheesy dance floor hits when i'm drinking white wine.