Dear non-finnish you out there. If you come to Finland, please take a 2-hour bus ride West and make Turku your next pit-stop. I guarantee you'll feel a bit like you belong.

I'm speechless and dead tired. That's what dancing to an instrumental cover of Toto's Africa, after parties where the last glass of wine is poured at 10 o'clock in the morning and sleeping in a stranger's arms do to you. When the blindfolds in the living room are pulled down in order to keep tomorrow away is when you know you've had a wonderful night.

White wine and sprite, red wine and coke, wonderful people, charming boys, tiny bars and noisy clubs. That's what good weekends are made of.

(I gave my phone number and first name, but didn't take phone numbers or last names. I feel like I'm sixteen again and it feels silly.)

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